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Saturday, March 26, 2005
The Importance of Proverbs (Proverbs 1:1-3)
Topic: Book of Proverbs

These are the wise words of Solomon son of David, King of Israel. (Proverbs 1:1)

King Solomon, David's son, wrote the book of Proverbs. He was a third king of Israel after his father's death. These are the words of Solomon (Proverbs 1:1) after his experiences with his painful moments of his life.

King Solomon begins in his book with how the proverbs can apply to our daily life. In Proverbs 1:2, he told us the proverbs teach us "wisdom and self-control." They provide wisdom and guidance for obedience life. They "will help us to understand wise word."
It is important to us to learn wise words from these proverbs. Without understanding wise words, how can we go with our lives with tough decisions? We have challenged in our daily life, such as making a tough decision.

Everyday, I face a lot physical challenges. I have to drive my wheelchair and communicator to go around the school campus. Or I have to decide what kind of housing and accommodations I need after I would finish my training at Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center.

We all need wisdom and self-control because they will help us to understand many wise words. The Bible, for example, has a lot of wise words. As I open the Word of God, I am reading many wise words from my Teacher. The book is not for the only professional Christians, because there are none in the world. The only perfect human in the world history was and is Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, the Book of Proverbs provides us advice for our livings.

What if we don't have guidance for our livings, then what would happen to us? What if we don't know how to be honest with our families, friends, and people? What if we don't know how to be fair and right?

The book of Proverbs will teach us how to be wise and self-controlled, and will teach us to do what is honest, fair, and right (Proverbs 1:3). This book will teach us many aspects of having right living with God while we still live in this planet. King Solomon was actually talking to his son as he wrote these proverbs.

In Proverbs 1:3, King Solomon had mentioned five view points that the book of Proverbs will teach us. Let's look through each of them.

This particular part of the Bible is all about wisdom. The wisdom doesn't come from the world, but from God. We cannot earn the wisdom from our own works. Nor we cannot add wisdom to our own life. Only God can give us the wisdom. James said, "...if any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it." (James 1:5a.) There is no person in the earth who could give us the wisdom rather than God. Look at Solomon when he asked God for wisdom (see I Kings 3), he didn't ask for more than wisdom for his leadership. He was self-control. He was honest, fair, and right with God. What God did to Solomon? God gave him wisdom that was beyond his request. (See I Kings 3:10-14.)

Also, King Solomon had self-control when he requested his need to God. He didn't blow his temper to God nor gave up upon Him. He was patient with God. James also told us that we need to "be patient until the Lord comes again." (See James 5:7a.) Unlike Solomon, we sometime ask God for our needs without just to be patient. For example, I often want to have my work need to be done immediately. Nor we would want to have our needs to be met fast. Otherwise, we would burn to ourselves and not to God. His timeline is not like ours. He has his own time to give us the answers to our situations.

Not only the book of Proverbs will teach us how to be wise and self-control, but they also teach us how to be honest, fair, and right when we would use the wise words to the other person. They teach us important advice when we would use the wise words from any kinds of relationships or problems. They will help to build up our relationships, such as in marriage, workplace, counseling, and more, rather than tearing them down. For example, if you have a marriage problem with your spouse, don't break down each other apart. Instead, talk about the issue and solve them with your spouse by being honest, fair, and right. You cannot solve your marriage problem by grieving or arguing each other.

God hates divorce. We will look into relationship in further later of the book of Proverbs.

If you cannot think about wise words to say to your family, co-workers, friends, then read the book of Proverbs and apply to your daily life.

Posted by MGJC Web Ministry at 12:01 AM EST
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