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Sunday, April 19, 2009
The Genealogy of Jesus Christ II
Topic: Jesus Christ

Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. (Genesis 12:1-3 KJV)

The birth of Jesus did not begin with Virgin Mary, but it was the seed of Abraham. Matthew 1:1 says, “The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.” It also means that we are the seed of Abraham through Jesus Christ.

The Book of Genesis indicated that Abraham did not begin his life as Jew, but as the Gentile. This is so important fact about Abraham and Jesus. The foundation of the Jewish nation began with Jacob. Of course, God continuous carried His covenant since He made it with Abraham. Galatians 3:28-29 says, There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”

We need to have knowledge of the Old Testament for us to understand about the New Testament. I know that there are some people would think the Bible has two gods—judgmental god in the Old Testament and the lovely god in the New Testament. We must understand that there is ONLY one God in the Bible, who created this universe and us, who came to the earth and paid our sins for us by dying on the Cross. That Person is our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is why the Bible recorded so many lists of geologies. We need to understand the pagan religion began with Babel, then to one of Noah’s sons, and then to Abraham’s father. Then finally to Abraham’s first son, Ishmael. This is why we have so much conflict with Islam. Even though Islamic, Jewish, and Christianity proclaim to be the seed of Abraham, yet, we have made so much of chaos from each other. This is why Jesus didn’t die only for Jews, but for the sins of everybody in this world.

Posted by MGJC Web Ministry at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, May 5, 2012 9:30 PM EDT
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Sunday, March 15, 2009
The Genealogy of Jesus Christ I
Topic: Jesus Christ

The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham… So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations. (Matthew 1:1, 17 KJV)

The Bible has filled with genealogies. The word “genealogy” is from Middle English genealogie, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin genealogia, from Greek, from genea race, family + -logia -logy; akin to Greek genos race. This word has been used since 14th century. This term is an account of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or from older forms; or regular descent of a person, family, or group of organisms from a progenitor or older form.

This term “genealogy” is very important in both Jewish and Christian life. It tells us about where did our Christianity from. It tells us about who Jesus is. Without the understanding of our Christianity with Jewish root, we may not have Christianity. We are from the seed of Abraham (Galatians 3:17), which God promised to him in Genesis 12.

Matthew 1:1-17 and Luke 3:23-38 tell us that Jesus came from the seed of Abraham. In fact, Luke goes down to seed of Adam. Even though Jesus was with God in the beginning (John 1), He arrived to this world through the womb of Virgin Mary. This does not mean that Mary received the divine power and coequal with God, which the Roman Catholicism teaches. Jesus came to the world just as any human being born, so He can be related with us in every way.

Posted by MGJC Web Ministry at 12:01 AM EDT
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Sunday, March 1, 2009
This is Whom We Need to Follow
And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. John bare witness of him, and cried, saying, This was he of whom I spake, He that cometh after me is preferred before me: for he was before me. And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace. For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him. (John 1:14-18 KJV)

There are many religions understand who Jesus is, but they don’t understand that He is also the Son of God. There are many theories about Him from the world point views. For example, Moonies (the unification church) believe that Jesus uncompleted His earthly task before He ascent to Heaven.

However, the Bible says that Jesus came to the earth as fully God and Man. He did not come to the earth to marry Mary Magdalene as the Da Vinci declares. He visited to our planet to bring His people back to Himself.

There is no other gods in the world cannot duplicate what He already has done. They can heal the sick person, but they may not able to raise the person from dead. They may try to pray to gods to burn the fire on the woods, but are their gods going to listen to their requests? Paul said that Jesus created everything in the earth and the heaven (Colossians 1:16). He was with God before the universal arrived into place. I know not every denominational church may disagree on this doctrine, but Colossians 1:16-18 and John 1:1-18 made clear statements that Jesus was the Creator of the world. The Trinity began in Genesis 1 and not in the church era.

As you read the rest of John 1, John the Baptist let his follower go and let them to follow Jesus. He is the reason that we need to follow Him. We can careless about what we are doing for ourselves, but when we’d come to Him, we need to tremble and fear Him. He has the final decision for our lives. Currently, Obama’s Stimulus Plan is trying to save our economic crisis, but it cannot guarantee if our system issue would survive under his global financial plan. But we can count on Jesus for everything that He would like to give us. He has the solution for our lives and for the rest of the world.

Posted by MGJC Web Ministry at 12:01 AM EST
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Son of God
Topic: Jesus Christ

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. (John 1:12-13)

How did Jesus born on earth? I know many of us would think that Jesus was born through Mary and though the lineage of David. But, as we read in John 1:12-13, Jesus was born because of God. God brought Him here. Even though He had the human blood, Jesus was born on the earth because of His Father.

Why did God pick a young virgin girl to be the mother of Jesus? Most Catholicism believes that Mary was sinless for God to pick her to be the mother of Jesus. Even though the Bible doesn’t have record of Mary’s sin acts, it doesn’t mean that she was sinless. Romans 3:23 says that we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Even God knew that Mary was imperfect person in the world; He looked what was in her heart (I Samuel 16:7).

God brought Jesus for the purpose of saving the lost souls. In the last day, God uses His Son, Jesus, to bring His people back unto Himself (Hebrews 1:1-3). I believe that we are in the last day before Jesus would return to wipe out all the destruction of the earth and restore what it was originally created.

Do you want to be sons and/or daughters of God? Many of His people didn’t recognize Jesus as God’s Son. So to us, when we’d come as God’s children, the world will not recognize us as the rest of people. Instead, the world will hate us because of our beliefs in Jesus Christ.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
The World Doesn’t Know Jesus
Topic: Gospel


He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not. (John 1:10-11 KJV)

How did the people miss Jesus’ coming? Did the people expect His coming would like the presidential inauguration parade? By the way, President Obama used the coming of the Messianic theme for his inauguration parade, which it could lead to the stage of developing the New World Order. Many people in the Old Testament expected the coming of Messiah as the King of the world, but not as the baby in a manger. Even though Jesus will come as the King for this world in near future, He first arrived to this world as a Baby, so He can be related to us.

Throughout the first four books of the New Testament, we see that Jesus walked with His feet to do God’s work. There was no parade event on His birth and resurrected from dead. There was no Christmas celebration at the barn. We have misused Christmas and Easter so much and have forgotten the real historical facts of these holidays. These two holidays have nothing to do with Jesus and Christianity, but have to do with Pagan holidays. In Jeremiah 10, for example, we see that the Israelites used the tree and decoration to worship the one of pagan gods. That was where the Catholic churches adopted the ritual practice and brought it to Christian churches in the fourth-century AD.

Sadly, we don’t hear the basic gospel message of Jesus Christ in churches as often. We may hear about small portion of the gospel message at the church services, but the rest of the message maybe on the Christian living, prosperity, our civil rights, and etc. We have noticed that our current President has decided to change all President Bush’s laws, starting with the Civil Rights. Now, President Obama legalized that the people can have the right to have abortion and let the homosexual citizens can free express their rights publicly. We need to pray for our leaders to turn their hearts to Jesus Christ and abandon their ungodly decisions.

Jesus came to this world as a baby without receiving any worldly recognition award from the world. But when it would be the time for Him to return to the world, everybody in all four corners of the earth will recognize Him as the King of kings and Lord of lords. He will judge our nation, even if President Obama would still lead this nation and continue to legalize ungodly laws. This is why our economy system is so corrupted. We are following our own direction. We let ungodly leaders without repentant their sins to lead our nation, such as leaders from Bone and Skull Society (Satanism), Witchcraft, and Freemason.

Are you saved? Is your loved ones saved? If you aren’t sure where you’d spend eternality, I’d like to encourage you to make your decision today. God loves you and cares about you. He doesn’t like to see any of us to go to Hell. But He cannot make your decision for you. Paul said in Romans 10:9-10, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

In KJV Life Application says regarding John 1:10-11, “Although Christ created the world, the people he created didn’t recognize him… Even the people chosen by God to prepare the rest of the Messiah rejected him…, although the entire Old Testament pointed to his coming.”

Posted by MGJC Web Ministry at 12:01 AM EST
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Saturday, January 17, 2009
Birth and Preparation of Jesus Christ III—God Became a Human II
Topic: Jesus Christ

There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe. He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. (John 1:6-9 KJV)

As we will keep study on the Birth and Preparation of Jesus Christ, we also look at John the Baptist in this portion of John 1. This John is not the author of all four books of John or follower of Jesus Christ.

Malachi says, “Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts.” Even though this verse relates to the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, it also relates to John the Baptist as well.

Now, who was John the Baptist? What was his mission? Even though we will study more on his background when we’d come to Luke 1, Apostle John gave us some descriptions of this guy’s character.

John the Baptist was the witness to the Light. He came to the earth for one purpose. That was being a witness to Jesus Christ. John 1:15 says, “John bare witness of him, and cried, saying, This was he of whom I spake, He that cometh after me is preferred before me: for he was before me.” Just as we received the commission from Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20), John the Baptist received the call from God to make a road to Jesus Christ.

Are you making a road for Jesus Christ to your life and the life of your loved ones? Confessing your sins to priests will not help you. Only through your relationship with Jesus Christ will make you to live with Him forever.

This Tuesday is the U.S. Presidential Inauguration and Barak Obama will become the 44th U.S. President, but he cannot save us all from tragedies. No! We already have seen that he signed the bills that women have the right to have abortion, have the homosexual rights in our country, and continue expand President Bush’s faith-based ministries. (Don’t be surprised that the next president will keep the same policy as the last twenty years of Presidents Bush-Clinton-Bush) If President Obama would recognize that we have the idol in our U.S. Capitol and change his way to lead our country, it would be miracle.

Our country would need true prophet, like John the Baptist, to return our ways to the way of the Lord. God is waiting patiently for us to turn our ways to His. It is up to us what our actions would be.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009
Birth and Preparation of Jesus Christ II—God Became a Human I
Topic: Jesus Christ

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. (John 1:1-5 KJV)There are many theologies about how this universal was created in the beginning of time. Some say the earth was created by a big bang explosion. If this is true, who began to create the big bang before its explosion? There are many theologies about the earth creation, but the Bible tells us who created the planet.

In Genesis 1:1, it tells us that God created the heaven and the earth. The earth cannot create by itself. As we’d keep read on Genesis 1, God designed the universe by using His spoken words. Also, we see there were three persons that involved the creation—the God of the Father, God of the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the Old Testament era, we see God as the Spirit. But, after 400 years of silence, God came to the earth as human being.

In John 1, John tells us that there was the Word in the beginning. In Hebrew Scripture, the Word was an agent of creation (Psalm 33:6), the source of God’s message to His people through the prophets (Hosea 1:2), and God’s Law, His standard for holiness. In Greek philosophy, the Word means the divine essence that hold all things together, God’s ideal pattern for creation.

As we read the first five verses in John 1, we see that Jesus Christ was the Word in the beginning. We need to understand how the New Testament began. Jesus was the beginning of all things. We would not be existed when there was no beginning point. Paul says in Colossians 1:16-18, “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence."

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Saturday, December 27, 2008
Birth and Preparation of Jesus Christ I: Luke’s Purpose of Writing

Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us, Even as they delivered them unto us, which from the beginning were eyewitnesses, and ministers of the word; It seemed good to me also, having had perfect understanding of all things from the very first, to write unto thee in order, most excellent Theophilus, That thou mightest know the certainty of those things, wherein thou hast been instructed. (Luke 1:1-4 KJV)

As we begin a long series on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will first look at the purpose of the first four books of the New Testament. Even though the first four verses in Luke 1 relates to Luke’s writing, it also tells the main reason for the books of Gospel.

In Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon, the word “gospel” means a reward for good tidings or good tiding. The New Century Version dismisses the word “gospel” and has been replaced with “good news” for at least 102 times. The gospel means: “1) the glad tidings of the kingdom of God soon to be set up, and subsequently also of Jesus the Messiah, the founder of this kingdom. After the death of Christ, the term comprises also the preaching of (concerning) Jesus Christ as having suffered death on the cross to procure eternal salvation for the men in the kingdom of God, but as restored to life and exalted to the right hand of God in heaven, thence to return in majesty to consummate the kingdom of God; 2) the glad tidings of salvation through Christ; 3) the proclamation of the grace of God manifest and pledged in Christ; and 3) as the messianic rank of Jesus was proved by his words, his deeds, and his death, the narrative of the sayings, deeds, and death of Jesus Christ came to be called the gospel or glad tidings.”

Many today’s churches have lost the truth of the words of God, because some of us may have decided to apart from the faith and gives ears to the doctrines of devils (see I Timothy 4:1). As we see, many churches are celebrating Easter Sunday and Christmas as the part of Christian heritage. Truly, these two holidays arrived from the pagan religion and have nothing to do with our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this new study series, we will search carefully through the Scriptures to learn the true aspect of the Christianity. There are many preachers in the world today, who proclaim to be the true churches of Jesus Christ, but may have misled by the church doctrines. There aren’t certain doctrines we should or shouldn’t have in order to be followers of Jesus Christ. We are not separated by any church denominations. We all belong to one Lord, one Savior, one King, who is Jesus Christ. There are no Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, and Pentecostal churches in Heaven. The reason why many churches are corrupted, because we have decided to create several doctrines in order for us to be children of God.

In order for us to become children of God, we need to obey Him fully without changing His words. We need to search the Scripture carefully in order for us to understand God’s purpose.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008
Leadership 104: Born to Become a Leader
Topic: Leadership Training

Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Then said I, Ah, Lord GOD! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child. But the LORD said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak. Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the LORD. (Jeremiah 1:4-8 KJV)
Look to the life of Jeremiah. God already called him to become His messenger for His people while he was in his mother’s womb. Even though you may have unborn baby, do not decide to have abortion. I know this maybe the easiest thing to do when the couple wouldn’t want baby in their lives. The Bible recorded how King Pharaoh and King Herod wanted to kill babies. However, there maybe some options to save the life of your unwanted child. God can use the child to save His people from the darkness as Moses did. Or God can use the child as Jeremiah to proclaim His messenger.

Paul said in I Timothy 4:12, “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

As we see in today’s America, we have become more like the people in Sodom and Gomorrah. We have seen many tragedies over the last decade because the American has been turning away from God. Some America churches have turning away from very its foundation and turn them into the house of selling merchandises.

We need to wake ourselves up and bring our national foundation back. Even our $1 bill has Freemason symbol on it, one of occultism. Do we think that there would not be a judgment of God in this country? Think again and research yourselves about our national history. Celebrating Christmas is the one of pagan practices which we have carried over many years; yet, some churches haven’t realized this occult holiday practice. In fact, Christmas doesn’t relate to the birth of our Savior, but it’s Christ’s Mass, which the Catholic Churches practice on sacrificing our Lord Jesus Christ shamefully.

We need to raise our youths to be appointed by God to lead our nation.

How many of you born to become a leader? A leader for the nation. A leader for the company. A leader for the Civil Rights. No matter what your ultimate life goal is, you will have experienced leadership skills. In fact, we all will become a leader of our life activities.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008
Leadership 102: Being a Courageous Leader
Topic: Leadership Training

There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. Be strong and of a good courage: for unto this people shalt thou divide for an inheritance the land, which I sware unto their fathers to give them. Only be thou strong and very courageous, that thou mayest observe to do according to all the law, which Moses my servant commanded thee: turn not from it to the right hand or to the left, that thou mayest prosper whithersoever thou goest. This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success. (Joshua 1:5-8 KJV)

Now, I’d like to take you through leadership class 102. In the previous training, we went through obedience class. We must obey our leaders in order to be the second commander of chiefs. Now, here’s the second step in order to be a godly leader. We look back to the history of Joshua’s leadership.

Before Moses died, he chose his assistant to be the next leader to lead God’s people into Promise Land. Why? Joshua demonstrated his leadership role when the obstacles were challenged. Remember, he and Caleb were the only ones who chose to go to the battlefield to get the land for their people as Moses commanded. We must have courage before we’d decide to lead our nation. The Bible is not an only history book, but it is also an instruction for godly living or BIBLE (Basic Information Before Leaving Earth).

Currently, our nation is in economic crisis. Do you know why we are in $700 billion bailout situation? Even though many hurricanes destroyed our homes and supplies, our nation also borrowed so much of money from foreign country, such as China, for military purposes. Our nation is into materialism and cannot trust God to provide our nation needs. Let’s look into presidential election for a moment. Currently, McCain and Obama are trying to make false statements about their own opponents to win the election. One says he is trying to raise our taxes high to save our economic crisis and another says as totally opposite. What happened to our nation is turning our focus away from God. This was not a case in 1700s-1800s. But we are seeing many homosexuals come out from their closets, abortion and crime rates are going high, the education grading systems are lower standards, and Christian rights are taken away from the public community.

We need to pray for our nation. Mostly, we need to bring God’s name back to this country. We do not need to build more churches because we are the temples of the Holy Spirit. God commanded us don’t be discourage to lead our people. Even though this is what Satan wants us to do, we cannot step ourselves down as defeat by him. Instead, we need to obey God and have courage to lead our nation.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008
Leadership 101: Obey God Carefully
Topic: Leadership Training

Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him. (Exodus 23:21 KJV)

Do you like to follow the hundred pages of instructions in order to make your brand new HD television works? Probably not. We always skip pages to read the TV and other manuals. But if we don’t follow the instruction, how can we do in our career field?

Sometimes, we wouldn’t like to follow our schoolteachers, parents, lawyers, doctors, and even God’s instruction. As a result, we would fail the test. Even God gave a road map to the Promise Land, the Israelites decided to refuse God’s command and spent their lives in the wilderness for forty years.

This coming November is a critical month for the U.S. Presidential Election. We have Obama or McCain is trying to go to the White House. We should not elect either of candidate by their looks or what they would promise to do for us, but for their oaks on the Word of God. The last two presidents, Clinton and Bush, failed their oaks on the Word of God. In fact, nobody, from previous presidents, didn’t realize that we have idol (statue) in our capitol that don’t represent Christian nation. This is why we have terrorist attack, crime, natural disaster, and capitol punishment. We didn’t remove our idols, including the national idol, and decided to Christianize them.

Let’s harkened to the words of God carefully.

Posted by MGJC Web Ministry at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, May 5, 2012 10:01 PM EDT
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Sunday, September 7, 2008
Prophecy to the Rebellious Leader
Topic: Prophets

Then Moab rebelled against Israel after the death of Ahab. And Ahaziah fell down through a lattice in his upper chamber that was in Samaria, and was sick: and he sent messengers, and said unto them, Go, enquire of Baalzebub the god of Ekron whether I shall recover of this disease. But the angel of the LORD said to Elijah the Tishbite, Arise, go up to meet the messengers of the king of Samaria, and say unto them, Is it not because there is not a God in Israel, that ye go to enquire of Baalzebub the god of Ekron? Now therefore thus saith the LORD, Thou shalt not come down from that bed on which thou art gone up, but shalt surely die. And Elijah departed. And when the messengers turned back unto him, he said unto them, Why are ye now turned back? And they said unto him, There came a man up to meet us, and said unto us, Go, turn again unto the king that sent you, and say unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Is it not because there is not a God in Israel, that thou sendest to enquire of Baalzebub the god of Ekron? therefore thou shalt not come down from that bed on which thou art gone up, but shalt surely die. (II Kings 1:1-6 KJV)

Over the last three to four months, I have been discussed on unpopular messages on sins and God’s judgment. Even though we may do not like to hear on the wrath of God on this world, it is still coming. Even though governmental scientists created the most hurricanes, God is still in control the path of hurricane. We all are numbered to leave this earth and spend in the eternity with God or in Hell.

As Elijah prophesied about King Ahaziah’s death, God has His schedule to end of our earthly lives. I know that the world is preparing to lead many people to the New World Order through technologies. About two weeks ago, the Free Lance Star newspaper showed an article on new communicator device that is attached and controlled by human’s tongue. This communication device is for the people with disabilities who have difficult to speaking. Even though this new device would be good to use for those have speech impairment, it also explained how far the technologies go that can connect to parts of human skins. It also explained us that how far the world is preparing for the appearance of the Antichrist. We are getting closed to that stage.

I do not think America would come to the point to realize that our country has been sinned against God until He would bring the judgment of fire. I understand that this is a harsh sentence, but it is the true. The reason why God numbered Ahaziah’s life was that he sinned against Him and led the nation to idolatry. September 11, 2001 tragedy was just beginning of God’s judgment on our nation.

Having revival meetings will not be enough to prevent us from God’s judgments. Many pastors think having several revival meetings mean to save the sinners. No! This is wrong way to have revival meeting. This has to do with believers. We need to regenerate ourselves before we’d do the mission to lead the lost souls to Jesus Christ. Let me say one fact about September 11 tragedy. After this tragedy event, about 34,000 American citizens turned to Islamic faiths. Why? Islamic leaders explained that their faiths were stronger than Christianity by destroying the World Trade Tower and Pentagon.

God doesn’t want let any of His people would face His wrath. But we let Him to punish us as Israelites faced forty years of God’s disciplines until their children reached the Promise Land. I do not like to receive bad prophecy from God before I’d die. I don’t know how many true prophets are living today, but when it’s time for God in action, He will bring true prophets to bring His words forth to the nation and individual at the last time.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008
Worldwide Idolatry II
Topic: Idol Worship
Thou shalt have none other gods before me. Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me, And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments. Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain: for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. (Deuteronomy 5:7-11 KJV)

How many of Christians have kept the first ten commandments of the Lord perfectly? Probably none. If there were one, the person would answer these few questions perfectly.

Have you never lied?
Have you never been practiced adultery?
Have you ever lived a perfect life?
If the person would answer these questions with all yeses, then he’d try to cover his sins. Romans 3:23 says that we all have sinned. There is none who live a perfect life according to God’s will, except Jesus Christ. The Bible says that we have High Priest, who experienced all kinds of temptations that came to his life, but He didn’t sin against God (Hebrews 4:15). That person was Jesus Christ. When Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness for 40 days, He didn’t fall onto the devil’s traps (Matthew 4:1-11).

Let me ask you a question. Do you believe that America have failed to stand for God for the last three centuries? I just watched the National Treasure that contained hidden secret on the Declaration of Independent, which it related to Freemasonry, one of satanic religions. Even though this movie was good, but the treasure that the national founded forefather was hidden in the secret temple of Freemasonry. Even today, Freemasonry is still existed in America.

Since we let the other countries can enter to the United States, we also opened our door to the other religions. Now, we see that the Roman Catholic Church recognizes as one of Christian church denominations. We also see that Las Vegas Casio is becoming more like heavenly place, where many people can go and have a lot of funs no matter what their circumstances are.

We cannot have God and worldly gods. As my pastor’s wife said in today’s sermon, America has more gods than any other religions. This is why some churches go astray from God. I believe that TBN started their televangelist ministries from good solid foundation, but as they got into money to be involved, we see that they are making multimillionaire ministries and their faiths are not stronger than in 70s, 80s, and 90s. Now, Praise-a-Thon program is not about spreading the Gospel all over the world, but raising some multimillion dollars for their media needs.

Sowing a $1,000 to TBN or CBN is not what God wants us to do. Although they need money to carry the Gospel message to the other parts of world, we need to begin the ministry what we already have and not what we need to have.

We need to bring the Ten Commandment back to White House, Supreme Court, schools, homes, entertainment industries, etc. We also need our churches become in unity and not making more denominational churches. Having more denominational churches are making God’s people more separation from each other. We do not need title Baptist, Pentecost, Methodist, United, or Calvary before the word Church. These are useless to God’s Kingdom. We only need the church that represents Jesus Christ.

What are we going to do idols? We cannot go to Jesus until we’d trash away our own idols.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008
Worldwide Idolatry I
Topic: Idol Worship

But king Solomon loved many strange women, together with the daughter of Pharaoh, women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, and Hittites; Of the nations concerning which the LORD said unto the children of Israel, Ye shall not go in to them, neither shall they come in unto you: for surely they will turn away your heart after their gods: Solomon clave unto these in love. And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines: and his wives turned away his heart. For it came to pass, when Solomon was old, that his wives turned away his heart after other gods: and his heart was not perfect with the LORD his God, as was the heart of David his father. (I Kings 11:1-4 KJV)

What is your idol that would pull away from your relationship with God? Is it money? Is your spouse? Whatever your idol is, God would like you to return to Him.

In the latter part of his life, King Solomon turned away from God and began to worship the other gods. As we read in I Kings 11, Solomon began to fall in love with the other women as Simpson did. Unlike Simpson, he had a thousand of women while he was in kingship. As a result, God turned away from Solomon and let him experienced many sufferings.

It is not good for us that we would decide to walk away from our Creator after we’d receive wisdom from Him. I recently read news coverage on election between Obama and McCain. It’s sad to see that they proclaimed to be BORN-AGAIN Christian leaders, and yet, we see that they only go to Christians for vote this year’s presidential election and have nothing to do with bringing America return back to God. We see this occurring event every presidential election. What is happening to this country? Even though being a national leader for his people, it is an idolatry to listen only to his people to lead the nation and refuse God’s Word. Solomon didn’t obey God fully; instead, he only listened to the people from the other religions.

So, what is your idol that would pull away from your relationship with God? Throw your idol away and begin to walk with God.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008
Concept of Friendship with God
Topic: Relationship

Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you. (John 15:14-15 KJV)

Do you have a long lasting friend in your life? If you have one, that is the greatest value in your life. Proverbs 17:17 says, “A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Other scriptures point us that friendship has a great value than any other relationships.

We must understand that being friendship with someone can lead us to marriage, long-lasting friend, and so on. God called Abraham as friend. To be in friendship with God, we must understand that we just cannot be too friendly with Him. Unlike our fiends, He is also our King and Lord. Some churches have misconception on this. God didn’t just call Abraham as friend until He tested his faith.

If God wants us just His friends, we would do the thing what we’d please in our eyes. We can curse at God, for instant. This is why many America churches are fallen from the faith. We just cannot too familiar with God. Instead, we need to understand that He is also our King and Savior.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008
The Way of Following Jesus
Topic: Living Life
And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. (Mark 1:34 KJV)

Who do you like to follow to live a life? This is the easy question, but maybe the hardest to answer. Most of us in childhood, we can have dream of anything we want. Children may want to be themselves as pop stars, doctors, mommies, and daddies. But as they’d grow older, they begin to narrow their dreams. Paul said in I Corinthians 13:11, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

But there is the one of important question to answer yourselves: Whom do you like to follow for the rest of eternality? We may not hear this question from the televangelists or pulpits. But this is the most important question for us to answer ourselves. Are we going to follow Jesus Christ as our Lord and King or reject Him and loose our eternal life insurance? We must understand when we are on the judgment seat, God is not going to ask us about how much of money we made or how many people we led to Him, but what did we do with the gift of salvation that He gave us.

It is sad that we do not hear the message on SALVATION as often. Today, we may hear the sermons on Christian living value, financial success, end time, but no salvation message. We need the salvation message more than ever. So we can share the Gospel message to the other people. That’s all Gospel about.

We must deny ourselves to Jesus Christ. This means that we must live as Jesus lived and follow His words. Do we know why the world hated Christians in early Church era, but love them more today? We are not radical for Jesus enough than as in the early church era. Today, the world loves Christians so much because many church leaders bring messages on what they want to hear. This is why some preachers are popular today, such as TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Pat Robertson, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, and Benny Hinn.

We cannot please both God and the world. We must pick which side we are on. Jesus said that in order to follow Him by denying ourselves and follow Him. Even though this is not a popular message today, we just cannot tell God to save us without denying ourselves first.

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Monday, July 28, 2008
Build the Church Upon the Name of Jesus Christ
Topic: Church

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (Matthew 16:18 KJV)

In the past couple messages, I discussed about how today’s churches are corrupted by their denominational backgrounds. For example, the Church of God doesn’t believe the existence of the Trinity in the Bible. Or some churches believe in the doctrine of the spirit of water as the gospel message. If we believe that the spirit of water to access to God, how it can take us to the eternity? If we don’t believe the Trinity, how can we understand who made the wind, earth, and us? We have three parts as persons—spirit, soul, and physical body.

Many Catholic Churches use Mathew 16:18 recognize that Apostle Peter as the pope, who started the church. However, this verse does not say that. Jesus didn’t give permission for Peter to take the religious position. Jesus said that He will build His church upon the earth that the gates of hell cannot knock against it. His church is not a building, but His people. We are the church that Satan and the devils cannot break through.

You may the next statement as shock. There is no Scriptural reference for certain types of denominational church. None. The denominational church began at the reformation period and it meant separation between church groups. Let me say this: The Roman Catholic Church is not a denominational church, but it’s the pagan religion. Mormonism is not a Christian church, because they believe in the other gospels as the Latter Day of Saints. God doesn’t care about denominational churches. However, we cannot pick certain doctrine into our churches. We need the whole council of the Word of God.

Paul pointed out that Jesus is not separated (I Corinthians 3). If we are children of God, we are not supposed to be separated from each other. Do you know why we have so many bible versions? Some of us are trying to justify our sins as sinless. The New Century Version Bible, for example, omits the word gospel and replaces with Good News. Or we do not see the words, such as condemnation, fornication, ashamed, guilty, or sinful.

Many televangelists are falling apart from God. Sadly, we see that they put their names on the title of their ministries. I decided not to put my name as ministry, because 1) this web ministry is not about me, but God; 2) putting my name as ministry is sinned against God; and 3) it’s about bringing the people into the relationship with God.

Let me ask you. Are you building your church upon the Rock? If your church is sand and come to realize that you need to build it with the rock foundation, please surrender your life to Jesus Christ by asking Him forgiveness of your sins and invite Him to your life.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008
Judgment Begins in the House of God
Topic: Church

For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? (I Peter 4:17 KJV)

Even though most of us don’t like to hear about the wrath of God begins in the Church, we need to take it seriously. Why did Peter write this warning down? There are several ways to answer this, but Jesus warned His apostles that there would be false prophets among the believers, who would try to lead us to the antichrist.

As we see today’s Christianity, we have become as the rest of this world and have been lukewarm our relationship with God. Many televangelists are becoming more popular to the world, because they teach the messages from the worldly view. Paul said in II Timothy 4:3-4, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

In Revelation 2-3, God warned these seven churches of Asia that He will judge them according to their works. God doesn’t care how many activities we do in the church. He does careless about our religious practices or selling Christian products. But He only wants to have relationship with us.

The judgment begins in the house of God first before He would judge the world.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008
Two Ways to Live a Life (Part II)
Topic: Living Life

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. (Matthew 24:7-8 KJV)

I believe we are in the last generation before Jesus’ return on the earth to establish His kingdom. As we see in today’s news, our nation is beginning to taste another depression era due to economic crisis on the prices of gas and food. CNN reported that we are getting ready to reach $6/gallon on gas. In political area, many state leaders are arguing about to legalize the homosexual rights. In addition, we are getting ready to vote our 44th president between McCain (R) and Obama (D); and many people have created problems between of these two candidates.

What have we gone wrong? Why many of us have a hard time to live in our country? As we see today, we cannot live comfortably with our people. Instead, we’d need to create some issues out of it. We have forgotten the right standard to live a life for eternal purpose. Nowadays, many churches are separated from the unity and created some denominational churches. Again, to have denominational churches mean to create other religious groups within the Christianity, such as Mormonism, Baptist, Pentecostal, Evangelical, and United Methodist.


To live for God, we don’t need denominationalism in our vocabulary. Instead, we need a house where we can come together, in unity, to worship God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008
Leadership 103: Pass Through Obstacles
Topic: Leadership Training

But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. For I am the LORD thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour… (Isaiah 43:1-3a KJV)

Have you go through obstacles that were so hard to finish it? Being in leadership, it is not always easy to stand for those who you loved. I know that President-Elect Obama will have to face the new challenges as he will lead our nation within the next four to eight years, even though he may have less military skills.

Let’s look a couple of things to become a leadership. Even though you may receive the highest honorable award from your leadership position, it is not honor thing to do to king or queen yourself. I know that this is the main problem in today’s church. Pastor Joel Osteen is leading the American people into that direction. His teaching is trying to promote on peoples’ lives rather than God. There is no great thing that would compare to our Holy Father.

We all have failed to live our lives as holy. Jeremiah 1:5 tells us that God knew us before we came out from our mothers’ bellies. He brought us to the earth. There’s no reason to climb ourselves up more than God.

The main reason that we face many obstacles in our lives is because we are humans that have choice to do good things or bad. We cannot blame Adam and Eve for our choices. This is false teaching that many preachers proclaim that we have to blame our ancestors for our wrong choices.

We face many obstacles in our lifetimes because of three reasons. First, we decide to go hard way to live our lives holy. Second, Satan is trying to attempt us to sin against God. Third, God wants us to go through challenges to build our faiths in Him. So, we always cannot blame our ancestors for our life challenges. They are not responsible for our life choices.

Jesus died for our sins. This doesn’t mean that we irresponsible to pay the price. Instead, we have to obey His words and spread the Gospel to the world.

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